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What is ​Therapy or Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is another name for therapy and is a general term used to describe a form of treatment (or seeking help) that is based on "talking work" done with a therapist. 

How does ​Psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapy can be short-term (up to 16 sessions) dealing  with immediate issues or long-term dealing with more  longstanding complex issues. Therapists use different  methods  in psychotherapy sessions. It's important to understand what types of methods are used in therapy with therapists.

What does Evidence Based Therapy mean?

Dr. Kim uses methods that have been proven through research studies, performed by scientists, that show evidence that they are effective. In other words, scientists have shown through research studies  that when one group of clients or participants received a specific therapy method, a significant improvement took place (versus a group that didn't receive the method or received a different method). These effective specific methods are referred to as evidence based therapy methods. 

Each evidence based therapy method/approach,  requires training and/or certifications in order to perform the therapy method correctly/effectively. Dr. Kim has received extensive training and/or certifications  using the following therapy methods/modalities in her therapy sessions.

Evidence Based Therapy Methods:

Please click on each link below to learn more about each psychotherapy modality

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