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Family relationships can feel stuck; rigid patterns might have formed and communication between parents, siblings and between parent and child might feel hard and misunderstood. Adult relationships might seem frayed from long standing negative interactions. There can also be generational influences impacting the blocks as well.  


In family therapy, the different family members will learn:

First:  To understand negative interaction patterns between the child, siblings, and parents.

  • Through addressing blocks in parental caregiving responses.

  • Also understanding the child and adolescents or adult behaviors in terms of attachment needs or fears.  

Second:  Restructuring parent and child interactions.

  • Promoting awareness and access to underlying caregiving intentions.

Lastly:  Establishing new patterns of connection as they face developmental change and life challenges.

  •  Through parental and child availability, responsiveness.

How Can I help...

The Main evidenced based therapy approach I use for Family Therapy is:

  • Emotion-Focused Family Therapy

In combination with:​​

  • Attachment-based Parenting Consultation

  • Brief Solution-Focused Therapy

  • ​Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

  • Interpersonal Therapy

  • Mindfulness-based Therapies

  • Genogram, which involves the construction of a family tree and evaluating the impact specific family members have on each other.

child therapy 4.jpg
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