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How to Get Started

You decide you want to try to give Therapy a try or you have decided that you want to book an Assessment. Now what?...


Note: There are two ways Dr. Kim, delivers Therapy services, either In-person or Tele-Psychology for Virtual Care (HIPPA compliant, meaning that the audio/video communication is securely encrypted and kept strictly confidential). 


What to Expect:

  • First step is to reach out to Dr. Kim either by:

    • Completing the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.          - OR -
    • Email: ​ 
  • Dr. Kim will offer you an appointment time.

  • Side Note: Dr. Kim NO longer has after school appointment times available. Last appointment time available is 2pm. 

  • Once you have set up an appointment, you will receive an email from a secure online database (called Jane).

  • The database will request you to complete standard forms (e.g., intake, consent, fee, COVID, and privacy forms) prior to your first appointment.

Office Location:

  1. 6420 Beatty Line North, Fergus, ON, N1M 2W3.

  2. Dr. Kim's office is located in the Trailside Medical Centre Building.

  3. Dr. Kim's office is on the Second Floor

  4. In Suite 205-East.

  5. Go to the waiting area for Internal Medicine.  

  6. Dr. Kim will unlock the office door for your appointment time.

  7. You don’t need to call the secretary; Dr. Kim will come and greet you.

Notebook and Pencil
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